Wyton Weddings- Videography Package


Pre Wedding Coverage: Footage with the girls before the wedding to establish the day with the excitement of getting ready. This is a great time to get the wedding rings for a couple minutes for fancy ring shots, dress shots, the flowers, all the girls, as well as any gifts or notes from the groom to the bride. One of our 2 videographers also goes with the men to capture all this on his side as well. Total Ceremony Coverage: We arrive early to establish the venue. Invitation shots, decorations, guests, arrivals/isle, your exit, it’s full coverage of your entire ceremony. Photo Shoot coverage: While the bridal party and the couple are being photographed we document the picture poses and special moments by video. We create the real life version of the story from when your favorite wedding photographs were taken, so you can go back and relive the moments anytime. As well we work with the couple & bridal party to capture true personality and uniqueness of your group to make sure your love story is told accurately and in a memorable way. Reception Coverage: We arrive early to establish the venue. We collect guest shots, snack/cocktail hour shots, décor, bridal party and couple introductions, speeches, the meal, the first dances, any performances, Bouquet/Guarder toss, partying and having fun. This closes your full Film.
Equipment: Package Includes: 1 3-5 minute highlight video of the day, 3 Blu Ray copies of full length wedding film, neatly packaged in a custom made Blu Ray case, and 1 USB with your FULL quality high definition wedding film on board computer ready for storage. More than what you need? No problem! Don't hesitate to contact us about customizing a package that fits you best